Fijian winters are very harsh…. yeah right. This was taken while trying to get a photo of both the resort and reef underneath, didn’t turn out quite right but I still really like the photo.


This photo was taken on one of the many snorkel sessions I have had at the Fairy Bower. Visibility was terrible, but the way the light hit the surface and filtered through the water really created something cool.


This is one of the few successful half/half photos I managed to take during my trip to Fiji – this being taken in the lagoon.


This is probably my all time favourite photo, I somehow managed to get the perfect angle and timing to have the reef sitting 5-10cm below the surface (on a low tide) reflect back down to create a really cool photo. This was taken during a trip to Heron Island.


How good is this? Just a standard day on Heron Island, hard to believe we go here to conduct research for uni. It really is a hard life.


No idea who the swimmer is – but how big is that Queensland Grouper! Her name is Gus… yep you read right, Gus. They thought it was a male and then released it was a female and didn’t change her name. From my memory we were told she was around 80 years old. Taken on Heron Island once again.


Just after my reflection shot, I produced this, as you can see it was a very low tide. Tides on Heron were changing by about 3m during the cycle.


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